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The new Britney Spears single has finally been released. The song, “Perfume,” is a heartfelt ballad appearing on “Britney Jean,” Spears’ new album slated for release on December 3rd. Spears has been known for her dance-floor club bangers in recent years. It’s been a while since she’s released a proper ballad as a single. The new single is a welcome change of pace. It raises anticipation for what Spears has called her most personal album yet.

Britney Spears has released her new single, “Work Bitch” a day early after it leaked this morning. The song is believed to be the first single from Spears’ upcoming studio album. Another Spears/will.i.am collaboration, “Work Bitch” is a club anthem that makes you want to move instantly.

Lady Gaga premiered her new single, “Applause,” this week after an early leak. The song wasn’t supposed to be released until August 19, a week before Gaga’s scheduled performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, NY. “Applause” is the first single from “ARTPOP,” Lady Gaga’s forthcoming studio album, slated for release on November 11.

However, Gaga’s new single doesn’t come without it’s share of controversy. When I first heard the song, I thought the first ten seconds sounded very familiar. I knew it was from a Madonna song, I just couldn’t think of which one. Then, I realized it was the beginning of “Celebration,” Gaga’s song is just sped up a bit. Some Madonna fans are also saying it sounds like “Girl Gone Wild.” I agree, and I also hear elements of the Benny Benassi remix of “Celebration” in there as well. Now, this would be all well and good if only Gaga gave credit where credit is due. If you ask Gaga about her influences, she will never voluntarily say Madonna’s name. She has to be asked about Madonna in order to talk about her. And while it was nice of her to mention Madonna in the “thank yous” of her debut album, it’s just not enough. Lady Gaga does her best to ignore Madonna. Britney Spears always talks about how Madonna influenced her, and she remains a successful icon over a decade after her first single was released! Saying Madonna is an influence of her’s won’t hurt her, so what is Gaga’s problem?

Britney Spears premiered the video for her song “Ooh La La” from “The Smurfs 2” today. The video features her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. The clip is super cute and offers a rare glimpse into the relationship Spears has with her kids.

The Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, debuted her new song, “Ooh La La,” this morning on Ryan Seacrest’s KISS FM radio show. The track, featured in “The Smurfs 2” film, is a bright, happy, pop tune that resembles Madonna’s song, “Superstar” from her “MDNA” album. The song is a definite hit, filled with infectious melodies and a dub-step breakdown that hints at the sound of Spears’ 2011 album, “Femme Fatale.”

Last night saw “The X Factor” season finale. Country artist Tate Stevens won the competition, beating out young Carly Rose Sonenclar. Throughout this season, I became less and less interested in the show. This is the first time I’ve ever actually watched “The X Factor,” and it’s only because Britney Spears is a judge. The show had some great auditions and it got me really excited for some of the contestants. However, once the competition part of the show started, I felt letdown. The contestants were broken up into groups and each judge acted as a mentor for these groups. There are several things wrong with this. First of all, it pits the judges against each other. Second of all, it pits the judges against the contestants. And probably the most unsettling part of all, the contestants seem to have their artistry stripped away. I view artistry as having your own voice and being the person you are. In many cases, it felt like the contestants turned into the judge’s view of who they are as opposed to who they actually are. CeCe Frey is a good example of this. I wish Tate Stevens the best and actually respect him, as he seemed to maintain the artist he was from the beginning. And that is probably why he won the competition.

If you’re a fan of Britney Spears, one thing can not be denied. For the past four years, the public has felt unusually separated from the pop princess. Barely any interviews, minimal television appearances, and don’t even get me started on those lackluster performances. But Spears is making all that up to her fans with her latest gig. She is one of the four judges on this season of “The X Factor USA.” I will admit, I was shocked when I heard the news this past summer. “If Britney is going to be a judge, she will probably be a very stiff one,” I thought. “She’ll probably say the same thing to every contestant and get away with it.” I’m coming clean and admitting that I had my doubts.

Cut to the Fall of 2012 and Britney Spears is proving me wrong. She is honest and doesn’t shy away from giving her true opinion. When Owen Stuart auditioned, he received acclaim from all three judges, Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, and L.A. Reid. Everyone, that is, except Britney Spears. “I thought it was a really good performance,” Spears said, “but you didn’t wow me.” There’s also a hilarious reel of moments where Spears says “no” to contestants who failed to impress her during their audition. One already classic moment found Britney describing someone as “Vanilla Ice meets Lauryn Hill meets ‘West Side Story’.”

But it’s not about Spears being a mean judge. It’s about her being real, being herself. She has been so guarded from the public for so long, and for good reason. The horrifying overexposure Spears experienced during those dark times in 2007 and 2008 will hopefully never be relived. But times have changed and people want to experience Britney Spears all over again. They want her to let us into her world again. And it appears that doing a show where she is not the center of attention allows her to feel comfortable enough to do just that.

Last night was a big night for Little Monsters, especially in Springfield. Lady Gaga came to town and attempted to cheer up the depressed citizens. Mother Monster is portrayed as an intuitive creature who can sense when someone isn’t feeling happy. And Gaga does everything in her power to make them happy. In last night’s season finale of “The Simpsons,” that person was Lisa Simpson, who gets ridiculed by her school for posing as an anonymous user on a message board who posts nice things about her. All of this, after Lisa won the “Least Popular Student” award, slips her into a depression, of sorts.

So, Gaga arrives in Springfield on, what can only be described as, “The Gaga-mobile,” and tries everything she can think of to cheer Lisa up. However, Lisa just wants to be left alone. Her rage comes to ahead when Gaga visits Lisa at school where she is getting brutally teased on the playground. Lisa yells at Gaga and accuses her of doing good for others just to get attention. This makes Gaga cry tiny diamonds, which she claims “hurts like hell.” After thinking the incident over in her treehouse a bit, and some insignificant advice from Homer, Lisa discovers Gaga did help her after all. She catches Gaga’s train as it takes off, and explains to her that she is feeling much better after unloading her suppressed anger onto Gaga. Gaga tells her there’s one more thing left before she can be a Little Monster… sing. So, the episode ends with Lisa and Gaga doing a duet in front of Springfield, highlighting who Lisa is and why she is special.

After watching the episode, I felt utterly pleased. My hats go off to both Lady Gaga and the team behind “The Simpsons.” The script was a funny one, but one with a message. It also had plenty of memorable moments. Highlights include Gaga showing Ned Flanders her pyro-bra, kissing Marge, and Homer eating Gaga’s meat dress. The fact that Lady Gaga would do a show like “The Simpsons” shows that she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is able to take a joke. It also puts her in the company of stars such as Michael Jackson, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and Britney Spears. All of whom, to some degree, have played themselves on the iconic show.

Britney Turns 30!

Today is a very special day for Britney Spears fans! The pop icon turns 30 in the midst of her “Femme Fatale” tour. She has endured a lifetime in the public eye that included many highs and lows. The talk of her birthday was all over Twitter as fans, celebrities, and more were wishing Spears a Happy Birthday. The reason a day like this is so special is an essential look into a life lesson we should all live by. When you look at the lives of people like Judy Garland and Michael Jackson, you see incredible talent, but lives destroyed by wounds caused because of their fame. Britney Spears was also a child star who dealt with struggles. However, she has seemingly come out of it on the other side. She was at a point not that long ago where people doubted she would make it to 27. Now, she’s turning 30 and we’re all celebrating. When a day like this comes along, you realize how nice it feels to celebrate someone while they’re still here. It’s something we all should do. We shouldn’t wait till a legend dies to go on Twitter and say how much they influenced us. Today, people all around the world are going on Twitter to profess their admiration for Britney and she is alive to see it. That is the best part about today.

Remember to show appreciation for those in your life while they’re still here. Treat every day as if it’s your last. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


So, the music video for Britney Spears’ new single “Criminal,” the fourth single from “Femme Fatale,” premiered this week. It features some acting, some kissing, some shooting, and some more kissing.

First things first, at the 2011 MTV VMAs, Spears revealed “Criminal” was going to be the next single from the album. She claimed to have a “really cool” idea for the video. Fans were left wondering what she would cook up this time. It seems as though the story of Spears’ image is told through her videos. From the paparazzi-bashing (“Piece of Me,” “Overprotected,” “I Wanna Go”) to the steamy dancing (“I’m A Slave 4 U,” “Me Against the Music (featuring Madonna),” “Circus”) to the nudity (“Toxic,” “Womanizer”). These images are all part of the Britney Spears legend.

So, what would we get next? For starters, Chris Marrs Piliero directed the video. This is the second video in a row that he’s directed for Britney. The video begins with Spears showing off her acting skills. She plays a young woman who is in an abusive relationship and has had enough. The problem with this scene, is it does a great disservice to Spears’ actual acting ability. We’ve all seen Britney on television. From “Saturday Night Live” to “Will and Grace” to “How I Met Your Mother,” Britney Spears has proven herself to be a good actress. She shows talent particularly in the area of comedic roles. The opening shot of her “I Wanna Go” video, for example, was superbly acted and well-done.

This particular scene, though, doesn’t quite do Spears’ talent any good. The scene involves her boyfriend grabbing her face and yelling at her in front of the entire party. She is upset, runs to the bathroom, and wipes tears away from her eyes. The problem here, is that as she’s rubbing the tears away from her eyes, she’s smiling. If you ask me, that’s not very convincing. Her body language appears to be very stiff as well. Spears can clearly act, she just didn’t hit a home run with this role. But, hey, it happens to everybody.

As Spears and her boyfriend get into an altercation that turns physical, the “criminal” (played by Spears’ real-life boyfriend, Jason Trawick) comes to her rescue. As she rides with him on his motorcycle, he brings her back to his home. They kiss and share a great deal of revealing and passionate scenes together. Here’s where the next problem comes in. If anybody was paying attention to the dramatic tabloid frenzy that invaded Spears’ life, one can’t deny that she’s needed to take attention away from her personal life.

The moment that, in my opinion, raised the level of scrutiny on Spears was when she came out with the reality show, “Britney and Kevin: Chaotic.” Spears appeared to be well-intended and thought the show would actually defuse the attention, because it would show people there’s nothing that interesting going on anyway. Instead, it resulted in the opposite effect. It kicked the door wide open for all types of media to a sense of entitlement over Britney’s personal business. This is why having her current boyfriend in her music video might not be such a good idea. Sure, it’s not airing her home movies on television, but it’s still playing with fire, if you ask me.

That said, Trawick does do a good job in the video and the two have a chemistry together that appeared to be lacking in some of her other videos. The steamy scenes between the two felt more comfortable, because the two are involved privately as well. As opposed to the male leads in “Womanizer” and “Radar,” Spears seems to be more comfortable than in her other recent videos. It looks like the couple’s personal relationship also had a positive effect on the video.

So, what do you guys think of Britney’s new video?